EVE - Owner, Team Manager, Photographer, Video Editor, Video Assistant.

Eve graduated as a Multimedia Specialist and worked for years as a Graphic and Web Designer, helping entrepreneurs build their businesses, but in the meantime, she developed the passion to tell her client's personal stories, and in 2018, she decided to start a journey in photography, focused on creating high-quality photography for everyone.

She is creative from the heart. Nothing is more refreshing to her soul than a new project. Through a simple lens, she gets to create artwork, tell stories, and live the most amazing adventures.

Her best days start with coffee and music, her family makes her the happiest, and being her own boss is kind of her golden ticket.

It is also wonderful to her that she gets the opportunity to tell the most important moments of your life, send chills down your spine, and even perhaps bring happy tears to your eyes.

She captures the best moments of your life, when your dreams come true, but this is also her dream, because all of her passions come together right here.

team manager, photographer, videographer,  video editor, video assistant

CHRIS - Owner, Videographer, Photo Assistant.

Chris is a simple guy, when he’s not working, you can usually find him having fun with his family.

He goes crazy when a new piece of video gear comes out, but something like a team winning the Super Bowl doesn’t do much for him.

He always loved videos, he spent countless hours behind cameras and gimbals trying to create the most amazing cinematic videos and he got pretty good at it. Every video he shoots is the result of all his best efforts because this is what he is the most passionate about.

Chris enjoys making all different types of videos but filming a wedding day to him is by far the best. Each wedding is a unique love story that he has the privilege of telling through film. He looks to capture genuine moments and various details that make a couple’s special day unforgettable.

He feels incredibly blessed to be able to do what he loves while learning new things, traveling to amazing locations and meeting new people along the way.

videographer, photo assistant, photographer, weddings, small events

RUSLAN - Video Editor

Ruslan helps to cull and edit the raw video footage for the wedding videos. He has the great skills to create wedding videos that you and your family will treasure for generations to come.

videographer, video editor, event, video, affordable

EOS-R - The Revolution

Our photography and videography work is created with the newest Canon R Line of mirrorless cameras, and professional lighting equipment, and editing software. We deliver high-resolution photos and high-definition videos that you will love.

eos r

MEVO - Designed in detail for Live Streaming

Our live streams are created with the newest Mevo Cameras, high-high-quality hardware that produce a high quality video live stream.


Behind the Scenes

wedding photographer behind the scenes
wedding videographer behind the scenes
engagement photographer behind the scenes
wedding photographer behind the scenes
wedding videographer behind the scenes
engagement photographer behind the scenes
wedding videographer behind the scenes